Moovizy Saint-Etienne, one app for all your travels !

Are you a regular or occasional user of the STAS network ?

On Moovizy, you will find all the timetables, routes, and live traffic of buses and trams.

You can also buy and validate your STAS ticket on your smartphone through the M-ticket service.

Do you also use other modes of travel than STAS ?

No need to download one app for STAS, one for the train, one for the car or even the plane.

With Moovizy, in addition to STAS, you can access in real time all other transport modes of the Rhône-Alpes region, from Saint-Etienne to Lyon:

  •  trains departing from and arriving at SNCF train stations (Saint-Etienne, Firminy, Saint-Chamond, Lyon, etc.)
  • private car and car parks
  • Véliverts bicycle sharing system,
  • TIL coaches (Loire department) and the TCL network (Lyon urban district)
  • planes departing from and arriving at Lyon and Saint-Etienne Andrezieux airports.

 With Moovizy, you even have real-time access to the number of spaces available in the Saint-Etienne car parks.

 Moovizy integrates all mobility data, be it modes of transport, parking rates, disruptions related to construction sites, the traffic, etc. From all these data, the app indicates the most efficient route to get from one place to another. Moovizy is also a route monitoring and assistance during your journey. The app calculates your travel time and provides one or more alternative routes in case of problems.

 Moovizy Saint-Etienne is free to download from Google Play or App Store.