STAS buses and trams run every day all year round, from Monday to Sunday, except for 1 May.

Serving 45 municipalities, or a population of over 391,000 across the Saint-Etienne Métropole urban district.

The network connects 4 main residential areas:

  • Saint-Étienne and its inner ring (known as the "bassin stéphanois")
  • the Ondaine area
  • the Gier area
  • the Forez area

3 tram lines link Saint-Etienne city centre, the Tréfilerie campus, Bellevue, Châteaucreux railway station and the Hôpital Nord: tramlines T1 / T2 / T3

To get around Saint-Etienne easily and reach the Ondaine and the Gier quickly, use bus routes 1 to 9.

To get around the Saint-Etienne area ("bassin stéphanois"): bus routes 10 to 29.