Demand-responsive transport

Since 29 August 2022, the STAS has been operating a new bookable transport service which has replaced the ProxiSTAS and MonBus services.

The service operates on certain routesfrom stop to stopall year round, from Monday to Saturday, including during the holidays, and allows you to:

  • travel into your closest main town
  • link up with the regular network services
  • travel early in the morning or late in the evening to get TER trains to Lyon or Saint-Étienne
  • travel in the daytime for your leisure activities, shopping or appointments
  • get to certain schools and colleges

The service is available to anyone with a STAS travel pass.

4 routes are now entirely demand-responsive:

12 routes offer regular services as well as a demand-responsive service:

The service does not operate on Sundays and public holidays.

By phone

On the MyMobi app

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On the STAS website

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