Website accessibility

The website has features that provide good accessibility of its content:

  1. You can browse this website without using the mouse.
  2. All pictures have a text alternative.
  3. All pictures have a text alternative.
  4. Character fonts can be enlarged or reduced using the features available in your browser.
  5. The website layout is carried out using a stylesheet to separate the content from the layout. The information structure is preserved.

Navigation on the site

The main browsing menu provides access to the website's main themes.

The "You are here" thread is present on every page. It ensures you know precisely where you are in the site so that you can come back through the browsing hierarchy.

At the end of each section there is a "back to top" link. This makes it possible to find the main menu and the browsing path quickly.

The site map gives an overall vision of the browsing menu.


Pictures have a text alternative. Whenever relevant, complex pictures are accompanied by a thorough description, either in the same page or in a dedicated page.


Data tables are marked up so as to be understandable by a screen reader.


All pages of the website include a title of their own, which makes it possible to identify the content.
Inside the pages, content is structured by means of headings and subheadings.
Contents are organized hierarchically and consistently.


Animations can be paused by clicking a button.

Compliance with standards

Compliance with standards, especially W3C accessibility recommendations, helps to ensure a good level of interoperability, i.e. the capacity of the website to be viewable by different browsers.

Going further

The website was designed in compliance with the accessibility standards defined by the R.G.A.A. This benchmark applies to public online communication services of the State, local authorities and public institutions.
These standards comply with international recommendations issued under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, proposed by the W.3.C.
These recommendations were carefully implemented. Feel free to send us your feedback by e-mail: Contact . If you report a problem, please describe it and provide the URL of the page concerned