Discover the new version of Moovizy!

MOOVIZY 2: the new version is available now! (as an update to your current app)

This new version of Moovizy brings together in a single app all the services transport users need: real-time information on trams and buses, purchase management and validation with your smartphone.

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Saint-Étienne's Moovizy real-time multimodal trip planner makes it easier to get around by removing the barriers between different modes of transport. The app gives you access to all the mobility information you need for your trips around Saint-Étienne Métropole and beyond. Choose the mode of transport you need directly on your smartphone:

  • Public transport
  • Bike share (Vélivert)
  • Car share (Citiz)
  • Carpooling (Mov'ici)
  • Taxi (Taxis stéphanois)

Book, pay, validate and get a single statement at the end of the month.